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January 2017 Events

Easy & fast online registration is here.
  • Try Online Appointment Booking!

    It’s quick, and easy to book your haircut, or color touch up online with me.

    Do you want the haircut and color retouch… that’s easy to schedule now too!

    Please call me at (510) 474-0508 to ask for a free consult for other salon service; such as highlights, or hair extensions.

  • Color Classes Have Online Signup Too!

    Licensed Hairstylists & Enrolled Beauty School Students can register online here to attend my independent haircolor education classes.

  • Body Sculpting For Beginners

    The pain of getting your body where you want it to be, oh I know how hard it is. You’re not alone. So don’t try to figure out your next step alone.

    Exercise is more fun with a buddy, in a group of like minded women. It also helps to know more about the money back guarantee.

    Please call me at (510) 474-0508 to ask if this outdoor group exercise class is right for you.